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Global Opportunity 2015  | G4S

G4S has been recognised as the top airport security provider in the prestigious Emerging Markets Airports Awards reflecting our strong presence in the Middle East region, says David Stockton, Chief Executive Officer of G4S UAE

During the recent fifth annual Emerging Markets Airports Awards (EMAA) conference held in Kuwait G4S won the prestigious Emerging Markets Airport Awards (EMAA) Airport Security Services Provider of the Year award. The EMAA panel assesses all airport security providers across India, Middle East, Africa and CIS, and nominations are sent for independent collation, auditing and verification.

It is the first time G4S have won this award and it is a reflection of the excellent work done in these regions by G4S’ airport teams, further cementing its position as a leader in delivering airport solutions.

With operations in six countries and a deployment of over 4,000 staff, the Middle East is a key location in the G4S global aviation footprint which serves over 200 customers worldwide.

Each of the four major service lines that G4S offers across the business is in evidence across the region’s airports. From the traditional manned security and cash solutions to facilitation and electronic systems, there has been significant growth in recent years.

G4S has 20 different aviation customers and over 30 different service lines in the Middle East alone. For Saudi Arabian Airlines, G4S has more than 1,800 staff across six airports, making it the region’s largest aviation customer.

Baggage handling, aircraft cleaning, wheelchair services, porters and cargo handling are just some of the services provided.

The relationship with Dubai Airport, which commenced back in 2011, has now grown to over 1,000 staff, with the most extensive list of services, ranging from the ‘May I Help You’ customer assistance staff at every touch point, and also including pre-boarding document screening, trolley services, traffic marshals, baggage handling support, lost and found service and escorting of inadmissible passengers.

Etihad Airways are the most recent addition to the list of aviation customers, with aircraft cleaning services being provided at Abu Dhabi Airport.

In Qatar, G4S provides access control and customer service through a workforce that is now over 800 strong at Hamad International Airport, with cash services and escorting of valuable cargo also included.

Manned security and Access Control / CCTV Security Systems operations in Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain complete the portfolio as it currently stands.

In 2015, G4S launched its very own online General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) course, which provides an internationally recognised, convenient and cost-effective method of training staff from all airport companies in the basic understanding of security at airports. With ICAO Aviation Security Professional Managers, G4S has the international expertise to compliment its local presence.

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